We hope your experience with "Kids Club at Home" went well last week with the lesson on Malachi!  It is now time for our next lesson as we continue doing Kids Club at home.

This week's lesson is an important transition from the Old Testament to the New Testament.  We don't want any of the Gateway kids to miss this lesson, so we hope you will take the opportunity to teach your children at home this week.  Feel free to use this on Wednesday evening as Kids Club, on Sunday morning as Kids Bible Study, or anytime in between!

Below is everything you need for this lesson.  This week we also are providing videos like the kids watch when they gather together!

WEEK 2 - March 25-31

Lesson: From Adam to Jesus

This is an amazing lesson that shows how Jesus' family line shows us that He is the Messiah.


This leader guide will clearly and simply walk you through the lesson so you can teach it to your family.

Click here to download the lesson guide


Your kids are accustomed to doing an activity sheet that goes with each lesson. The sheets are different for preschool to 3rd grade and 4th to 6th grade.   Download the appropriate activity sheet to print at home below.  Also - Note that each sheet has family discussion questions. These are great to use!

Click here for the younger kids activity sheet

Click here for the older kids activity sheet


These video files are mp4 files.  They are large files, so if they do not play well over your connection when clicking on the link, you also can right click on the link to download the file in full to play.

Video - Lesson Overview

Video - Questions from Kids

Video - Praise Song for This Week

If you need any additional resources or if we can help you as you teach your kids at home, please contact Molly Moore, Gateway's Children's Ministry Director, at