painandsuffering.jpgWalking with God Through Pain and Suffering

Tim Keller

Some of our recent studies in the Psalms have led us into the deep realities of sadness, pain, and suffering in the Christian life.  If you are in a season where your soul resonates with these difficult and trying experiences, you will be helped by Timothy Keller’s excellent book, Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering.  It also will help you as you seek to encourage and help friends walking through difficult days.

This book tackles one of life's toughest questions:  Why does God allow difficult things to happen to His people? With patient and wise pastoral wisdom, Keller shows how the Bible answers this question by pointing us toward God and His constant love and care for us.  If you are in the middle of trials right now, begin with part 2, "Facing the Furnace" (page 113) as it will jump you right into finding hope in the midst of your difficult days.

Pick up a copy in the resource center today for you or someone you know!