Gateway is committed to plurality leadership that includes both elders and deacons.  At Gateway, we are blessed with eleven men who currently serve on our deacon team. What are deacons?  They are a group of men in the church who are set apart to help meet the physical and material needs of the body.  We believe that Acts 6 shows the first deacons serving to meet the needs that arose in the early church, while 1 Timothy 3 shows it to be a group of men who meet certain qualifications who are then set apart in the church to serve the Lord by serving the church family.  At Gateway, all of the deacons minister in a variety of ways both on Sunday mornings and helping members with needs during the week.  In addition, we have set apart some of the deacons to provide particular leadership over needs in the body.  You will see their area of leadership responsibility indicated below.

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Deacon Chairman

Mike is married to Jinny and they have two children and four grandchildren.  He has been at Gateway since 2012.  He is retired and enjoys working around the church campus.

Image of Mike Mertz


Deacon for Safety & Parking

Alex is married to Patsy. He is a Paramedic serving as an area manager for Excelsior Ambulance Service. He also is the small business owner for Emergency Solutions. He has been at Gateway since 2010 and enjoys serving others in the church family and also through the Pike Road Fire Department.

Image of Alex Hood


Deacon for Church Ordinances & Senior Adults

Don has been married to Jan for 58 years.  They have 2 children, 16 grandchildren, and 8 great grandchildren!  He is a retired military veteran with 26 years of service in the Air Force.  Don has been at Gateway since 2012 and enjoys sharing the Word of God, serving the Gateway family, and playing golf with fellow Christians.

Image of Don Hatcher


Henry is married to Alice and they have two children and three grandchildren.  He has been a member at Gateway since 2015.  Henry retired from the Army after 22 years of service. He and Alice moved here from Tennessee and is a native of Union Springs, Alabama.  His hobbies are fishing, golfing, and gardening.  He enjoys spending time with other men of God in the Word and other activities to spread the love of God .

Image of Henry Williams


Deacon for Audio-Visual Technology

Jason is married to Erin (who serves on the church staff) and they have three children. He is the mail department supervisor at Publications Press.  Jason has been at Gateway since 2006 and enjoys serving the body as a deacon and member of the sound board team.

Image of Jason Gross


Deacon for Security

Johnny is married to Marilyn has has four children and five grandchildren. He is retired from 28 years of law enforcement. Johnny has been at Gateway since 2014.  He enjoys fishing, traveling, family time, serving others, and exploring family genealogy.

Image of Johnny Chappelle


Deacon for Benevolence

Linnie is married to Debbie and they have four children and five grandchildren who share their last name.  They also have multiple adult foster sons with families who are a daily reminder of God’s generosity. Linnie is the director of The Shepherd’s Staff, a ministry to children and families in Montgomery.  He has been at Gateway since 2014. Linnie enjoys spending time with his family and serving others.

Image of Linnie Dixon


Deacon for Facilities

Shin is married to Alycia and they have two young children. He works as a realtor and property manager.  Shin has been at Gateway since 2010.  He enjoys spending time with family, especially through travel, and serving friends and the community as needs arise.

Image of Shin Jeong


Deacon for Welcoming

Steve is married to Audrey and they have two children.  He and his family has been a part of Gateway since 2010.  Steve has a lawn-care and landscaping business.  He enjoys spending time in the outdoors and leading a Life Group at Gateway.

Image of Steve Gillis

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