Wednesday Bible Study Header

Gateway Baptist hosts Gospel-focused activites on Wednesday nights for all ages throughout the majority of the year. We take a break over the summer before resuming in August each year. Note that Gateway Youth meet throughout the year, although these summer activities are mostly off campus.

Our Wednesday evening opportunities for the Winter/Spring semester run from January 10, 2024 through May 22, 2024. Join us at 6:00 p.m. each Wednesday evening as we offer something for all ages!

For adults this semester, we offer three distinct studies. All three meet in the gym building beginning at 6:00 p.m. each Wednesday.


Gym Building, Room 4

Facilitated by William Foxx and Grady Smith

Last semester as we discussed "the attributes of God" in our Wednesday evening small group, the attribute that many men indicated most impacted them was that of God's sovereignty - His absolute rule and reign over all things. As a follow up to that study, we are going deep into exploring the attribute of God's sovereignty this semester, and how understanding it radically reshapes our lives. Can we really trust God? How do we grow in the hardships of life? What do we do when life is hard? To guide our discussion, each week on our own we will read a chapter of Jerry Bridge's book, Trusting God. Wen we come together each week, we will discuss that chapter, growing together and encouraging each other to trust in God's providence and sovereignty.


Gym Building, Room 3

Facilitated by Trish Butterfield

Last summer, we did a church-wide Sunday morning study on prayer. As a follow up to that topic, we want to equip you to grow in your prayer life. To do so, we will utilize When You Pray, a Lifeway women's video series with a workbook for each participant. This practical study will look at different prayers throughout Scripture, showing us how to pray and how prayer changes us. We will explore hindrances to prayer, and encourage each other to pursue knowing God more through daily prayer. In addition, we will take time to pray for one another. We hope you will join us for this opportunity to grow in community and to find encouragement to grow in this important part of our relationship with God.


Gym Building, Room 1

Facilitated by Ronnie and Shela Graley

As we have been studying Genesis on Sunday mornings, we have seen God's amazing plan for marriage. The Bible begins with marriage, and ends with the marriage feast of the Lamb. Marriage is essential in God's plan to reveal to us the relationship of Christ and the church. It also is the most important of human relationships. Join us as we explore what God's Word says about His ultimate purpose for marriage and how it shapes our daily realities. We will use Tim Keller's classic book, The Meaning of Marriage, to guide our study and discussions. Each week on our own, we will read a section of a chapter, then take time to discuss it together. We also will set aside time each week to get to know each other better and pray for one another.

In addition to those adult studies, our Kids Club will continue their study of The Gospel Project for Kids and our youth will continue their Youth Mid-Week Bible Study, all at the same time. We hope you will join us at 6:00 p.m. each Wednesday evening for these opportunities to grow in studying God's Word together, and growing in community together as well!