Gateway Family,

Over the last four years, we have studied verse by verse through several books of the Bible – The Gospel of John, Ephesians, and many of the Psalms.  Most recently, we concluded a 45 week journey through James’ epistle, looking at what it means to “walk in faith.”  These have been amazing journeys for me, and I pray that they have been for you as well.

So where are we going next on Sunday mornings for the sermons?  I am excited to let you know what our next journey is, and how it will be a little different…

Over the next year, instead of working through one book of the Bible over many weeks as we normally do, we are going to take a “bigger picture” view of what we believe and why.  As one who likes hiking, I compare what we have been doing these past four years to long, slow hikes along particular trails, making sure we see the beauty of every tree and every rock formation along the way.  However, now we are going to take a step back (or should I say up in a helicopter!) to look at the whole forest to see the big picture and beauty of it all.

We are calling this journey, “ROOTED: Grounded in the Word.”  Scripture warns us that we will face difficulties in this life as Christ’s followers.  Those difficulties include trials, temptations, opposition, and even persecution.  If we are to walk in faith, then we must have deep roots - roots that anchor us to the unchanging Word of God - roots that will hold strong even when we face the greatest hardships of this life.

Now, there are several different ways to approach a “big picture” study of Scripture to help us become more rooted.  For us for this year, each week we will ask a foundational question about what we believe, then dig deep into a Scripture text to find the answer.  Our questions will cover many important topics such as:  Who is God?  Who are we?  How did God make us?  Why did God make us?  What is our hope in this life?  Why did God give us the law?  What is sin?  How can we be redeemed?  How do we pray?  What is the church?  And so much more! 

To help us as begin this new study together, for the first two Sundays we will look at Scripture to answer these questions:

February 21 ~ Why is it important to know what we believe?
February 28 ~ How do we help each other grow in our faith?

If you are new to Gateway, we are excited to welcome you in this journey with us!

Next week we will send you more information about this study, including some amazing resources we have available for you (yes – we have free books and even a free app available!) that will help us help each other grow in being rooted – grounded in the Word! 

I am so excited about this journey through God's Word together with you!

~ Pastor Grady