kidsbible.jpgMiddle school is such an important transitional time for kids.   We have been praying about how to best serve this age group at Gateway for some time now.   God has answered this prayer by creating an opportunity to make a change in our 5th & 6th Grade Bible Study on Sunday mornings...

Beginning on October 21, the class will be divided into a girls class and a boys class.   We believe that having the two separate classes will allow more candid conversations which will aid in learning and strengthening relationships.

The boys will continue to be led by Robby Collins.  Robby is an elder in our church and a parent of a 6th grader.  He remains committed to teaching your sons and supporting your family.  The boys group will meet in the gym.

The girls will now be led by Laura Glass.  Laura is a student at AUM who has a heart for discipling young ladies. In fact, she has spent the last several summers discipling elementary age girls at a Christian summer camp.  We are excited to have her begin working with your daughters.

In addition to this change on Sunday mornings, we will be providing fellowships times for each group in order for your children to build more community, find encouragement, and get to know their teachers better.

I know this will be a great opportunity for your children to grow spiritually and deepen friendships. We are so exited to see God work in their lives!

If you have any questions, please contact me.

~ Molly
   Children's Ministry Director