Gateway Family,

I want to update you on all that was accomplished at Capitol Heights Middle School (CHMS) this past school year and what God is already putting in place for next school year. 


First of all, thank you!  Your generous support through praying, volunteering your time, and giving your money allowed us to accomplish the following things:

    • Weekly Bible study
    • Provide eyeglasses, coats, hats, gloves, uniform shirts, underwear, deodorant, and other products to some of the most underprivileged students
    • Provide soccer balls and encouragement to the CHMS soccer program
    • Provide breakfast and encouragement to the teachers and administrators during their professional development days
    • Provide supplies to teachers
    • Participate in a job fair hosted by CHMS
    • Build strong relationships with the teachers and administrators

Because of your faithfulness, CHMS recognized Gateway as its Community Partner of the Year:


This was an incredible year at CHMS; God is working.  Thank you for ministering with us.


Although we were able to accomplish much, there is still so much to be done at CHMS.  For instance, take a look at this infographic that helps paint the picture at CHMS:



Click here to see more details from this infograph!

In addition, this school year just over 600 students were enrolled at CHMS, but there was no PTA at the school.  We are making an impact on campus, but we must also work to reach the families.  Please pray with us!


As we look forward to next year, one main challenge has become apparent: the current principal at CHMS will be transferring to a new school next school year.  Our presence on campus is dependent upon the principal approving us each year.  We do not yet know who the new principal will be, so pray that we would have opportunity to get to know and encourage him/her. 


To that end, the Lord is already working ahead of our prayers.  The director of the Montgomery Clean City Commission reached out to our children’s minister, Molly Moore, to ask if Gateway might be interested in providing some labor to help clean up a school’s grounds before the school year starts.  Of course, we jumped at the opportunity to serve here!   We will have the opportunity to serve CHMS in a very tangible way before school even begins under the new principal.  God is always working and bringing about opportunities that we do not even think of!

This event will take place on Wednesday, July 31, at 5:30 p.m. at the school (click here for directions).  It is a church-wide event for all ages, including children, youth, college, and adults!  We will meet on the grounds of CHMS, eat pizza together, and then do some basic lawn care and maintenance.  More details are coming soon, but go ahead and mark your calendars for July 31!  You will be making an eternal impact by serving.


Although there are challenges, the Lord is also providing us church and business partners to overcome those challenges.  Covenant Presbyterian Church and 2Cities Church have both come alongside us in this ministry.  Covenant Presbyterian is praying for CHMS and has donated money to the cause.  2Cities is also praying and one of their members is faithfully serving alongside us at the Bible study and is working to get other business partners involved.  We are working to see how we can further partner with these churches and we are also looking to get other churches involved.

But it’s not just churches helping, Milo’s Hamburgers recently awarded a $1,000 grant to Gateway to help us in providing for the needs of the students at CHMS; Gateway was 1 of only 5 recipients!  Not only are we getting this one-time grant, but Milo’s also wants to meet and "discuss ways to maximize this relationship so [Milo’s] can hopefully continue to give over and over again!”

God is working.  I am so blown away by the grace and mercy of God.  These children at Capitol Heights Middle School are dear to His heart.  God has called us to serve and He is making a way!

Please continue to pray.  Please continue to give (click here to give online).  Please continue to volunteer.

Seth Rhodebeck