Many of you have been asking for a church directory to facilitate contacting one another to build community here!  We love your heart for community, and want to provide a way for you to do just that!  We also have found a way to do that while respecting your privacy and guarding your information.   Welcome to the all new Gateway Connect that will be available beginning on December 2.

Gateway Connect is an online directory of members, only accessible to current membersIt will be available when they are logged-in to their Gateway accounts on this web site.  Before accessing it, every member must agree to its terms and conditions for use, which limit the use of information to church related activities and church community.  Members agree not to use the information for any marketing purposes or fund solicitation, and agree not to share the information.  You will see all of those clarifications on the first page before you access the directory the first time.

In addition, every member can control what information is shown in this members directory.  Between now and December 2, we need each of you to login, make sure all of your information is current, and turn off any information you do not want shared in the directory.

     To do so:

    1. Login to your Gateway account

    2. Click on "My Profile" or "My account"

    3. Click on the blue "update" button under your name and address

    4. Upload a current photo of yourself (please!)

    5. If you want any information hidden from the directory, look for the section "Directory Privacy Settings" and uncheck any information that you want hidden in the directory.

    6. Scroll down and update any contact information that is missing or incorrect

    7. Press the blue save button at the bottom of the screen

If you have any difficulty with this process, please contact the church office at 334-272-9494. 

The new directory will go live on December 2, giving you time to update your information and adjust your privacy settings before it is made available.