Begin Wednesday, January 13

There are 3 exciting mid-week Bible study groups for women this winter and spring:

(1) Raised Together:  A Study of Colossians  (in person)
(2) The Battle Plan for Prayer 
(in person)
(3) Broken Bread Book Study 

We hope you will join us for one of them!  These groups are a great way to build community and deepen relationships while growing in your faith.  Read below to learn more about each...


Wednesdays ~ 6:00 p.m.
Meeting in person at Gateway ~ Gym Building Room 1
Facilitated by Trish Butterfield

Join us as we study verse-by-verse through Colossians!  We will learn more about who Jesus is and how we have been buried and raised to life with Him as new creations, knit together in love.  These amazing truths we discuss will help us grow and mature in our faith as we journey through this book of the Bible together.



Wednesdays ~ 6:00 p.m.
Meeting in person at Gateway ~ Gym Building Room 2
Facilitated by Karen Fowler

Join us for an amazing study as we learn about what prayer is, why God wants us to pray, how to pray in faith, how to pray in times of spiritual warfare, and how to pray strategically.  This study will help us become more devoted to prayer and will teach us how to pray during different seasons of life by using God's Word rather than relying on our own strength and understanding.  The book we will use was written by Stephen and Alex Kendrick (the creators of the movie The War Room) and is both scripturally based and topically specific.  Come find encouragement to pray more intentionally as you walk with God!



Thursdays ~ 6:45 p.m.
Meeting online via Zoom
Facilitated by Alycia Jeong

Join us as we discuss together and pray together asking God to develop a vision of Christ that informs the way we eat.  The book Broken Bread tackles the way we approach food: “When we take the business of breaking bread together seriously, as the early church did, we not only use the table to build community, faith, and love, but the act of preparing and eating food becomes sweeter, more savory, and much more enjoyable.”  Our book club will meet once a week online (via Zoom) for 45 minutes to process the questions provided at the end of each chapter.   Copies of the book are available in the church office. It also is available for free in both e-book and audio book formats through the Montgomery County Public Library’s Hoopla platform.  Please contact Alycia Jeong at to register or if you have any questions.