Gateway Family,

We hope you are excited about our new Sunday morning series, "Rooted: Grounded in the Word."  Over our first two weeks of the study, we looked at some key questions about why we are studying this topic and how we plan to do so.  If you missed either of these foundational weeks, you can review them here:

February 21 ~ Ephesians 4:11-16
Why is it important to know what we believe?

February 28 ~ Colossians 3:16
How do we help each other grow in knowing what we believe?



In looking at the "how" question on February 28, we discussed that we are going to use a "catechism" this year to help us grow in what we believe.  A catechism simply is a series of questions and answers to instruct.  While the idea of it is new to many today, catechisms have been used by the church throughout the centuries to help believers grow. 

While there are many historic catechisms available, our guide this year will be the New City Catechism.  It is a modern catechism developed by The Gospel Coalition and Tim Keller, a pastor and author in New York., and is published by Crossway, the publishers who provide the ESV Bible and many other books you find in our resource center. 

The New City Catechism is based on the rich tradition of previous catechisms, but adapted to our context.  It is 52 important questions about what we believe, with answers from Scripture.

One reason we are using the New City Catechism is the resources available with it to help us grow together.  Make sure you get each of these resources to help you grow and to help you discuss the Bible with one another....


rooted-app.pngThe New City Catechism has a free app!  It has each question and answer, a Scripture passage related to the topic, commentary notes on the Scripture to help you better understand the text, and a sample prayer.  In addition, every question and answer is set to music to help you learn them!  You can listen to a song version of every topic to help you learn and memorize the truth.

For parents, you will want to go to settings and click on "children's mode" so the app shows the simpler answer to each question for your kids.

Download it today!


The book has each of our 52 questions and answers, along with a Scripture to review.  You will see part of the answer highlighted.  Those highlights are a shortened answer for kids to more easily review and memorize.  This book also is a great place to take notes.

We want every child to have their own booklet!  It has each of the questions and the shortened answer for kids, making it easy for them to review.

These books are available at no cost to Gateway members & attendees!  You will find them in the gym building lobby, office lobby, back of the sanctuary (near the sound booth), and in the resource center.

For those worshiping from home, we can do a "curbside delivery" of these books for you during office hours.  We also can mail you a copy if you are unable to get out.  Please contact the office to get your copy.


ncc-devotional.jpgThe New City Catechism also has published a great devotional to go with the study.  Each week has additional notes to help you think about the topic and the Scripture passage. It is a great study aid for you.  The notes in this book are included in the free app as well.

These books are available in the resource center for a suggested donation of $15.


The songs with each catechism question and answer are an amazing way to better learn them.  For those who play instruments, or like to sing from music, sheet music for each of the 52 songs is available for free as well!

  Click here to download the sheet music


Let's make use of these amazing resources as we seek to live out Colossians 3:16 together: " Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God."