We have been working with Capitol Heights Middle School (CHMS) for 10 years now.  During that time, the Lord has developed -- in ever-increasing measure -- a love for our neighbors, a desire to serve them for the glory of Jesus Christ, the opportunities to do so, faithful saints to join with us in prayer and service, and resources to respond to every opportunity.  It has been a beautiful picture of the body of Christ coming together for the glory of Christ.  It looks like we now have another opportunity to do so!

The Lord has been growing in our hearts a desire to better serve the students at CHMS, specifically through an after-school tutoring program.  Starting an after-school tutoring program requires a lot, but God is, of course, providing "far more abundantly than all that we ask or think," (Ephesians 3:20). 

God has provided a tutoring coordinator in Victoria Campbell, who is a certified teacher.  He called Victoria and her family to Montgomery from North Carolina to come and be a part of this ministry. 

God has provided a wonderful facility through our brothers at First Presbyterian Church.  The Lord called First Presbyterian to relocate from east Montgomery into the building they now meet in, which is directly behind CHMS, in order to minister to our area of Montgomery. 

God has provided a meeting with the CHMS principal where we can work out the details of the tutoring program with the school. 

He is answering our prayers in amazing ways!

Lord willing, beginning this fall, we will tutor five 6th graders.  Our goal will be to make sure those five students have the skills they need to excel in school, and that they have a clear understanding of the gospel.  We intend to walk with them from 6th grade to graduation.  Each year, we hope to add five more 6th graders.  In addition to providing tutoring, the "buy-in" we want from the students' families is to pick their children up from tutoring and to, once a week, have a meal with us.  We hope to develop relationships with these families and provide the support they need to educate, feed, clothe, and shelter their children.  We will also share the gospel with the children and their families each week.

This is a big undertaking.  We will have more details down the road, but, right now, here's some ways you can start to think about helping:

  • Pray -- The Lord continues to open doors and provide opportunities.  Pray for wisdom, resources, volunteers, and favor with the school, students, and families. 

  • Tutor -- As of now, the tutoring will probably begin in September and take place on Thursday afternoons beginning at about 3pm.  We need tutors.  Victoria is going to be developing a curriculum to use, but we need folks to help out.  We will also need someone who can help run the tutoring program as Victoria is due to have a child in September; she'll need some down time.  Are any of you able to help Victoria run the tutoring side of things?

  • Childcare -- We will need some folks to come and provide childcare for the children of our volunteers so they can fully devote themselves to tutoring the CHMS students.  First Presbyterian has a great nursery so the childcare will take place at the church, we just need folks to watch the kids.

  • Food -- Each week, we hope to have a sit-down meal for the children we're tutoring and their families.  The goal is build relationship with them and demonstrate the love of Christ.  We want to invite them to our churches and into our lives.  We'd like to get a rotation of people who would be able to provide a meal.  Will you help us provide a meal for these families?  Is anyone interested in organizing the meals for the tutoring program?

  • Give -- As you can imagine, all of this requires resources to accomplish.  Please consider donating to this cause.  You may do so at https://hopesmgm.com/donate

I understand that this is a big ask.  It is a call to sacrificial giving, to laying our lives down for the sake of Christ.  I sincerely believe that the Lord is opening the doors for this tutoring program and will bring Himself glory through it; I believe that any sacrifice you make will have eternal consequence and reward.  I hope you'll pray about joining us in at least one of the ways mentioned above.

~ Seth