Poverty is a real and expansive problem in our city.  Yet, the poor and oppressed are close to the heart of God.  As a church, we want to pray and think intentionally about how the Lord may be calling us to join Him in ministering to those living in poverty right here in our city.

Last year through our Helping Our Public Education System (HOPES) ministry, we established relationships with several families living in poverty.  Over the past year, we have developed a deeper relationship with those families and continued to work to meet their varying needs.  This ministry has been a blessing, and we want to consider how we may most effectively serve those around us.

Through our experiences, it has led us to ask deeper questions as to whether we are helping these families in the best way possible.  We want to go beyond simply meeting physical needs and engage the poor with their most urgent need of the Gospel.

How do we do that?  That's the question that we want to explore.

Seth Rhodebeck, one of Gateway's elders, would like to hear from you if you would like to help Gateway develop and grow our mercy ministry.  Please contact him at to let him know of your interest in joining these conversations. 

Please pray for this ministry.  Pray that the Lord would move our hearts to take the Gospel to the poor and oppressed of our city.