Pastor Grady recently challenged us to grow in prioritizing knowing God through His Word this upcoming year.  if you missed that message, click here for it.

We are excited to provide you a tool to help you do it - the Dwell Bible listening app!

The Dwell app lets you pick any passage of Scripture to hear, or you can select from Bible reading plans for the year or Scripture passages organized into topics.  In the app you can choose the Bible translation, the background music, and even the reader.  There are several different voices to choose from. Grady and his family have been enjoying listening to Felix from Kenya read from the ESV :)  There are even options with a sleep mode and options to add reflection time between verses.  Once you start playing the audio for a passage, you will see icons at the bottom of your screen to change those options.

Normally this app requires a yearly subscription fee, but we as a church are excited to be able to provide it for each of you!  Members and attendees already should have received an email with a link to register their account.  That information is also posted in the Gateway Community Facebook group.  If you still need the link, please contact the church office.

We hope this will be a great tool as we grow in prioritizing knowing God through His Word this new year!