Gateway Family,

We are so excited about the new deacon team that you elected!  These seven men love the Lord, and love serving others.


If you want to get to know more about each of the deacons, their families, and their hobbies, read their profiles on our updated deacon page.


As you have heard, deacons will lead ministry teams to help meet the needs of the church family and the church campus.  They are called to help equip and mobilize you to use your spiritual gifts in service!  If you are looking for a way to begin to serve at Gateway, contact any of these men.  A contact form to directly message each deacon is available at the bottom of our deacon page.  Here are the ministry areas the deacons are overseeing:

Campus safety and security - Alex Hood
Opportunities include helping monitor the security cameras during activities, growing our security response plan, and being prepared for medical response needs on campus

Sick care - Alex Hood
Opportunities include being on a team to better help identify and meet the needs of members who are sick or home-bound

Church management software support - Eric Butterfield
Opportunities includes helping develop, support, and provide training for our church management system (database and web site platform), as well as provide support for our kid's ministry kiosk checkin

Ordinances (Lord's supper & baptism) - John Glasscock
Opportunities include preparing for celebrations in the worship service of baptisms and the Lord's supper

Parent care - Kyle Whatley
Opportunities include providing practical help and discipleship to new parents

Sunday morning campus preparations - Mike Presley
Opportunities include opening the church campus and ensuring that the campus is ready for our Sunday morning gatherings

Sunday morning greeters - Mike Presley
Opportunities include helping us grow the greeter ministry to welcome people as their arrive on campus, help new visitors connect with members as soon as they arrive, greet people in the sanctuary before the service, and help people find available seats in the sanctuary

Facility management - Ron Burke, Shin Jeong, and Kyle Whatley
Opportunities include helping with regular maintenance on the church campus (such as changing light bulbs), doing small repairs, and helping plan for larger repair and improvement projects

If you have questions or want to learn more about any of those opportunities, please reach out to the deacon overseeing that ministry team.

We hope that you will join us in serving in these ways at Gateway!