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On Sunday mornings, we encourage you to join us at 9 a.m. for an opportunity to study God's Word in one of our Sunday Morning Bible Study groups that meet on the Gateway campus. Groups are available for the entire family, with options for all ages.


To learn about classes for children and youth, please follow these links:

Preschool Classes (Newborns - K5)    
Children's Classes (Grades 1-6)    
Youth Class (Grades 7-12)


We offer four Sunday morning Bible study groups for adults. Each group provides you with an opportunity to study the Word of God, discuss how the Word of God changes our lives, pray together, and fellowship. Each group studies a particular topic, and includes people of all different ages and walks of life in it. These four groups all meet in the gym building (the building to right as you look at the front of the campus). The current groups are:

The Gospel in a Broken World

The Gospel in a Broken World  /  Gym building - Room 1
Teachers:  Jeff Moody and Jason Watson

When we think of discipleship or walking with Christ, we tend to think of to-do lists and steps that we can take to achieve some level of godliness. Unfortunately, these lists become overwhelming, leading us to despair or self-righteousness. This class focuses on the messy and weird reality of following Christ in a broken world plagued with sin - most importantly our own. It is a discussion based class where we hope to share life together and spur each other on following Christ and turning away from the temptations of the world. No one expects you to have it together; we are all a mess, but we can be a mess together and walk through life with Christ and each other.


The Fruit of the Spirit / Gym building - Room 2
Teachers:  Greg Teal and Daniel Paulk

We begin each class with coffee, refreshments and a time of sharing prayer requests and what God is doing in our lives and then go into our time of study.  Our study is the fruit of the Spirit.  Since our our manner of life as Christians should be radically different, we will examine how we put off the old self and put on the fruit of the Spirit which is in its essence Christ-likeness. The analogy that Paul uses, fruit, denotes something that grows. Growth is gradual and will be ongoing until we die or Christ returns. So how does one grow in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, righteousness, godliness, and endurance?  Come along and join the conversation of biblical change as we grow in the fruit of the Spirit!

1 Timothy Image

A Study of 1 Peter / Gym building - Room 3
Teacher:  CJ Falcione (Associate Pastor)

Each class begins with a time of praise and prayer with coffee and refreshments. The class is a verse by verse study of Peter's encouraging words to the church to live an obedient, victorious life under duress. By doing so, a Christian can share Christ in a hostile world, trusting the Lord to bring transformation, and looking forward to the day of His return.


Experiencing God / Gym building - Room 4
Teacher:  Bill Hurley (elder), William Foxx (elder), Tom Kotouc, and Jonathan Zartman

Each class begins with a time to share praises and prayer requests. The class then has a teaching time with discussion.  Presently, the study is the classic book from Henry Blackaby, Experiencing God.  How do we experience a vibrant relationship with our Creator?  How do we cultivate a daily relationship with Him?  How can we discern and live out His will for us?  We will tackle these questions and more as we use this book to take us into the Scriptures.